Elkay croppedBill Hooper was Elkay Manufacturing’s Six Sigma Master Black Belt and corporate developer of our Lean Six Sigma program from 2008-2012. Under his leadership, Bill developed the company’s Lean Six Sigma system which included the following: World class Six Sigma Black Belt and Green Belt training courses for Managers, Engineers, technicians and operators. Secondly, a LSS project implementation system for reducing scrap, rework and elimination of waste centered on Design of Experiments and other Six Sigma based improvement methods. Thirdly, the development of a strong base of Six Sigma Green Belts, Black Belts and reliability Engineers to insure LSS based waste elimination for many years. His skill at facilitating and implementing major projects for cost reduction and/or improvement in customer satisfaction in addition to his ability to develop the next generation of LSS professionals, is world class.

I would strongly recommend Bill’s system for implementing Lean Six Sigma to any company or organization.

Stephen C Rogers | Chief Operations Officer
Elkay Manufacturing Company, Oakbrook, Illinois

phoenixlogo1Our company, Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, launched its Six Sigma based continuous improvement program in April 2012 using Bill Hooper’s model of teaching, testing, and project implementation. Since April we have put approximately 10% of our manufacturing workforce through Bill’s “Six Sigma Green Belt”, “Intermediate Statistics”, and “Hands on DOE” courses. Under Bill’s leadership, our Green Belt candidates have implemented multiple projects including tool life optimization, statistical start up of new machinery, and allowed us to bring a formerly outsourced process back in house. Already this year, these projects have yielded a positive ROI, and we look forward to continued savings from the projects, as well as future projects under Bill’s leadership.

Robert Hurst | President
Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, Bamberg, South Carolina

Elkay croppedI was introduced to Six Sigma in 1998 as part of my curriculum while working on my Engineering degree at Weber State University. Since 1998 I heard countless times about the value that could be recognized from the use of Six Sigma. Through the next 11 years I took several opportunities to train in Six Sigma from various sources. While this learning was good I did not recognized that so much more value could be recognized until I met and worked with Bill Hooper. I started working with Bill in 2009 and he very quickly became a trainer and a mentor to not only me but many others in my company. He polished my skills in Facilitation and Presentation and taught me the Technical aspects of Six Sigma. He taught me how to be effective in using Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC). Many of the valuable skills learned that support DMAIC included but are not limited to Gage R&R, Control Charts, Process Capability, Probability, Correlation, Regression, & Design of Experiments (DOE). From this learning and mentorship from Bill I also became an ASQ Certified Black Belt but more important than obtaining this certification I developed the skills to be part of the team that has saved the company Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars the last several years. I have been around long enough that I have figured out that there many that have some of the skills of Six Sigma but very few that understand and can deliver ongoing results. Bill Hooper delivers results and anyone should feel privileged to have someone of his caliber on their team.

Mark Miller | Plant Manager
Elkay Manufacturing
ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

I fully expect, and have no doubt, that the skills and methods learned during this week will result in ongoing improvements not only to our processes and end products but also to our bottom line. A challenge but extremely informative week!

Bob Toomer, General Manager

Although this course can be challenge, Bill helps by presenting the material in real life experiences. I really enjoyed learning the material and I am excited to apply it to a project

Felipe Mendoza, Shipping Supervisor
Bryan, Texas

Being on a 5 day course, there was a lot of knowledge to absorb very quickly. Bill was able to convey the information at an easy to understand level to increase our understanding in the time allotted

Bucky Price, Production Supervisor
Hagerstown, MD

This was a great course into the Six Sigma World

Patrick Lewis, Quality Engineer
Life Fitness, Chicago Illinois

I was impressed by Bill’s teaching acumen of a subject that is very difficult to present ,” Design Of Experiments”. In one week I learned more than reviewing the SSGB primer for 1 month. Thank you so much for your clarity of the DOE ,tests to determine our  retention,  class presentation of  material and team involvement on actual DOE application exercises . I would  certainly recommend your classes to all who desire to understand DOE , achieve SSGB or pursue SSBB certification.Thank you.

Lee Martin, Supplier Quality Engineer
TTX Corporation, Chicago Illinois


Third exposure to this Material. Best balance between certification and practical exposure. Focus on visualization was key to my understanding. The building of tools was perfectly paced for me. Looking forward to a real world application.

Don Ryan

Continuous Improvement Manager

M-D Building Products

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.