About William Hooper

William Hooper

Specialized in launching Six Sigma systems at small and medium size firms, William Hooper Consulting is dedicated to teaching and implementing Six Sigma through Design of Experiments and other innovative improvement methods for manufacturing and transactional processes. Bill Hooper is skilled in Process Improvement having facilitated over 100 Designed Experiments in manufacturing and non manufacturing operations.

In 2010, Bill Hooper became one of only eighty seven certified Six Sigma Master Black Belts (ASQ) in the United States, in addition to his certifications in Quality Management, Reliability and Quality Engineering. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Michigan and received his master of business administration from the University of Indiana.

Hooper has taught various certification bodies of knowledge to more than 300 ASQ Certified Quality Engineers, Certified Six Sigma Green Belts, Certified Six Sigma Black Belts, Certified Reliability Engineers and Quality Process Analysts, with a pass rate of more than 95 percent.

Bill Hooper developed a unique Six Sigma implementation process that has been successfully applied in various industries and environments. It begins by selecting a core group of leaders including supervisors and hourly operators, training them on a set of core Six Sigma-based skills and implemented on the manufacturing floor or transactional setting with an accelerated series of improvement projects. Based on the axiom that continuous improvement never ends, the process transitions into daily management, equipment reliability and statistical start-up of new equipment to insure long term competitiveness.

His unique methods of teaching and developing students in the science of Six Sigma and DOE have been highlighted in the American Society for Quality (Quality Progress, January 2012), featuring the simplification of high level statistical theory and his unique technique of using illusion to teach probability theory and the Hypothesis principle critical to Six Sigma theoretical development.

William Hooper is a sought after conference presenter on Design of Experiments and the art of illusion as a statistical teaching tool including as keynote at the 2015 International Lean Six Sigma Conference and the 2017 World Conference on Lean Six Sigma for Higher Education. He is also a past therapeutic bedside magician in the adolescent wards of Chicago area Hospitals for the not-for-Profit corporation, Open Heart Magic.

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