The year was 2005 and Bill Hooper had just received his third ASQ certification, the Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE). As someone who understood the challenges and rewards of pursuing certification, he decided it was time to help others, coaching individuals and groups to  better understand the certification material while working closely with corporations to implement the methods that would have a significant impact on their bottom line.

Today, Bill Hooper continues his work as an instructional leader in Six Sigma through Design of Experiments. Now you have the opportunity to further your training through the online video courses available at William Hooper Consulting. Learn more about William Hooper here.


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World Lean and Six Sigma Conference 2015

Quality Juggling and Family

The Use of Juggling for Teamwork and Creativity


 “The Use of Juggling for Teamwork and Creativity” was voted the #1 Presentation of 106 at the 2014 American Society for Quality (ASQ)’s World Conference on Quality May 4-6 in Dallas Texas. With conference attendance of over 3000 this received the highest rating  with a 9.7 out of 10 on effectiveness and 9.8 out of 10 for the presenters.